Alex Verdugo Sister: Maria Verdugo Wikipedia, Parents And Family

Alex Verdugo, a talented Mexican-American professional baseball outfielder, currently excels as a key player for the Boston Red Sox in Major League Baseball. This article delves into the personal life of Verdugo, focusing on his sister Maria Verdugo and his close-knit family, which has been a cornerstone of his success in the world of baseball.

Summary Table

Maria VerdugoSisterSupportive, attended baseball events, recent parent
Joe VerdugoFatherMexican heritage, supportive of Alex’s career
Shelly VerdugoMotherFrom Minnesota, manages Alex’s baseball contracts
Chris VerdugoBrotherOlder sibling
Joey Jr. VerdugoBrotherOlder sibling

Early Life and Career of Alex Verdugo

Alex Verdugo’s journey in Major League Baseball began with the Los Angeles Dodgers, who saw his potential and drafted him in the second round of the 2014 MLB draft.

Alex Verdugo’s family at Doger Stadium. (Source: Instagram)

His MLB debut in 2017 marked the start of an impressive career characterized by power, agility, and precision. Verdugo’s performances in the outfield have not only captivated fans but also made him a crucial player for his team.

Maria Verdugo: A Supportive Sister

Maria Verdugo, Alex’s older sister, has played a significant role in his life. Not highly active on social media, Maria prefers to support her brother quietly, often accompanying him to baseball events. A graduate of Pima Community College, she interned at Gadabout and resides in Tucson, Arizona. In 2021, Maria and her boyfriend, Joe Perez, welcomed their daughter, Remi Marie Perez, marking a new chapter in her life.

Maria’s presence at various baseball ceremonies, including the Los Angeles Dodgers Gala in 2019, highlights her supportive nature. Her limited activity on social media platforms like Twitter since 2021 reflects her focus on her family, especially her daughter and her role as a supportive figure in her brother’s life.

Verdugo Family Background

Alex Verdugo maintains a private presence online, with his social media accounts like Instagram set to private. He comes from a mixed family background; his father, Joe Verdugo, is of Mexican descent, and his mother, Shelly, hails from Minnesota. Alex is the youngest of four siblings. His family, especially his parents, have been a pillar of support throughout his baseball career. His father often accompanied him to games, while his mother, Shelly, played a vital role in managing his baseball contracts.

Joe and Shelly’s dedication to their children’s endeavors is evident in their involvement and support. Shelly, apart from managing Alex’s career, is a professional hairdresser owning Studio 99 Hair Design.

Alex Verdugo’s Net Worth and Career Achievements

Alex Verdugo’s success in baseball has translated into a considerable net worth, estimated at around $5 million. This figure is a testament to his skills, dedication, and contributions to the sport. As Verdugo continues to grow in his career, it’s expected that his net worth will further increase, reflecting his status as one of baseball’s top earners.

Alex Verdugo is playing for the Boston Red Sox. (Source: Twitter)

Maria Verdugo: Beyond the Baseball Field

While Maria Verdugo may not be a public figure, her influence in Alex’s life is undeniable. Her journey from a college graduate to becoming a parent, alongside her relationship with Joe Perez since 2019, paints a picture of a woman dedicated to her family and personal growth.

Her decision to step away from social media platforms indicates a focus on her new role as a mother and her support for her brother’s burgeoning career.

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Family Dynamics and Support System

The Verdugo family dynamics showcase a strong support system, crucial in Alex’s rise in Major League Baseball. The family’s mixed heritage, with Joe’s Mexican background and Shelly’s Minnesota roots, provides a rich cultural tapestry that has shaped their values and approach to life. This diverse background has played a significant role in shaping Alex’s outlook and his approach to the game.

Career Highlights and Future Prospects

Alex Verdugo’s career highlights include his selection by the Los Angeles Dodgers and his notable debut in 2017. His skills in the outfield, characterized by a unique blend of power and precision, have made him an asset to the Boston Red Sox.

Looking forward, Verdugo’s career promises more achievements and milestones, with the potential for his net worth and professional standing to grow substantially.


In summary, Alex Verdugo’s journey in baseball is not just a story of individual talent but also a narrative about family, support, and perseverance. His sister Maria, his parents, and his family background play a pivotal role in his story, underlining the importance of a supportive family in nurturing and guiding talent. As Verdugo continues to make his mark in baseball, his family’s influence remains a key part of his success story.

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