Bunnie Xo No Makeup 2024

Discover the unfiltered and real side of Bunnie Xo, the wife of country music artist Jelly Roll, as she embraces her natural beauty in the “No Makeup 2024” TikTok update.

Summary Table

NameBunnie Xo
Known AsJelly Roll’s wife, Social Media Influencer
Career HighlightsModel, Host of Dumb Blonde Podcast
Instagram FollowingOver 170,000
Personal JourneyTransition from high-end escort to podcast host
EmpowermentShared plastic surgery journey, embraces natural beauty

Embracing Vulnerability and Empowerment

Bunnie Xo, known to many as Jelly Roll’s wife, has made a significant impact in the country music industry and beyond. Her multifaceted career spans being a model, a social media influencer, and the host of the popular Dumb Blonde podcast. What makes Bunnie’s journey unique is her transition from working as a high-end escort in Las Vegas to becoming a celebrated public figure. The Dumb Blonde podcast, launched in 2019, has garnered a large following, with over 170,000 Instagram followers. In a touching tribute during the sixth season of the podcast, Jelly Roll highlighted Bunnie’s transformation and her escape from her previous life.

Bunnie made the decision to have her breast implants removed after having them for years. (Source: instagram)

The ‘No Makeup 2024’ TikTok Revelation

In a bold move, Bunnie Xo shared her beauty secrets with fans, providing an intimate look at her skincare and makeup routine. Renowned for her glamorous and artistic makeup looks, Bunnie’s decision to reveal her unadorned face speaks volumes about the importance of self-acceptance and respecting personal choices regarding appearance. In a world where celebrities often face immense pressure to adhere to certain beauty standards, Bunnie’s transparency is a refreshing change.

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Bunnie Xo: The Journey Through Plastic Surgery

Bunnie Xo’s transformation is not just about her makeup; it extends to her plastic surgery journey. Known for her distinctive features—green eyes, blonde hair, and a body adorned with tattoos—Bunnie has openly shared her experiences with plastic surgery. This includes a breast explant procedure documented on YouTube, a nose job, facelift, lip augmentation, breast implants, and eyelid surgery. Additionally, she has undergone eyebrow lifts, cheek augmentations, and botox injections. These procedures have played a significant role in shaping her public image and boosting her confidence, particularly during her time as an exotic dancer.

Impact of Transformation on Public Image

The evolution of Bunnie Xo’s appearance has been more than a physical change; it has been a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. By sharing her story through plastic surgery and her makeup-free appearance, Bunnie challenges the conventional norms of beauty. Her decision to remove her breast implants and embrace her natural self signifies a pivotal moment in her life, closing a chapter and starting anew for her health and well-being.

Bunnie Xo (Source: instagram)

A Role Model for Authenticity

Bunnie Xo stands out as a role model for authenticity in the digital age. Her openness about her plastic surgery journey and her recent decision to go makeup-free demonstrate a commitment to being true to oneself. This authenticity resonates with her audience, inspiring others to embrace their own journeys of self-acceptance and transformation.


Bunnie Xo’s “No Makeup 2024” update is more than a TikTok trend; it’s a statement of empowerment and vulnerability. As she continues to share her unfiltered self with the world, Bunnie’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the beauty in being authentic and true to oneself, regardless of societal expectations.

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