Eddie Sheerr and Susan Sheerr: Married Life And Kids Details

Eddie Sheerr, a renowned meteorologist and the Chief Meteorologist for NTV News in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, is not just a familiar face on television for his weather forecasts but also a devoted family man. His wife, Susan Sheerr, stands as a pillar of support and love in his life, playing a crucial role behind the scenes.

Susan Sheerr: The Supportive Force Behind Eddie

While Eddie Sheerr deciphers complex weather patterns for the public, Susan Sheerr ensures the stability and happiness of their family life. Her role, though not as public as Eddie’s, is integral to their family’s well-being. Known for her warmth and kindness, Susan is a beloved figure in their community, embodying the essence of support and love in their marriage.

Eddie Sheerr Wife. (Source: Instagram)

Eddie and Susan Sheerr’s Married Life

Eddie and Susan’s marriage is a testament to love, support, and partnership. They navigate the challenges of Eddie’s demanding career together, with Susan providing the essential support needed for Eddie to excel in his role as a Chief Meteorologist. Their journey showcases the harmony of a strong family foundation coupled with professional success.

The Sheerr Family: Balancing Career and Home

Eddie and Susan Sheerr have not only built a loving relationship but also a family. They are parents to children, details of whom are kept private to respect their personal life. Eddie’s role as a father and husband is as significant as his role as a meteorologist, demonstrating his dedication to both his professional and family life.

Summary Table: Eddie and Susan Sheerr

Eddie SheerrChief Meteorologist for NTV News, known for accurate weather forecasts.
Susan SheerrSupportive wife of Eddie, known for her warmth and kindness, manages family life.
Married LifeA strong partnership characterized by mutual support and love.
FamilyParents to children, balancing a high-profile career with a happy and stable family life.
Community RoleEddie contributes significantly to the community’s awareness of weather events.
Personal LifeSusan’s behind-the-scenes role is crucial in maintaining the balance in Eddie’s demanding job.

Eddie Sheerr’s Career Journey

Eddie Sheerr has been the Chief Meteorologist for NTV News since 2013. With six years of prior experience, his expertise in meteorology is deep-rooted and widely recognized. He is known for his engaging on-screen presence and dedication to his craft, making him a respected voice in meteorology. His commitment extends beyond the camera, as he passionately keeps Newfoundlanders and Labradorians well-informed about changing weather conditions.

Eddie Sheerr Wife. (Source: Instagram)

Susan Sheerr’s Role in Eddie’s Life

Behind every successful person is someone providing steadfast support, and for Eddie Sheerr, this person is his wife, Susan. Her contributions, though not always in the limelight, are vital to maintaining the balance in their family. Susan’s down-to-earth nature and genuine care have made her an endearing figure to those around her.

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The Sheerr Family: A Dynamic Team

Together, Eddie and Susan Sheerr form a dynamic team, adept at weathering life’s storms and savoring its sunny days. Their story is one of mutual support, love, and a balanced approach to life, making them an exemplary couple in both their professional and personal lives.

Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Success

Eddie and Susan Sheerr’s life together is not just about facing challenges but also about celebrating successes. Their journey is marked by Eddie’s achievements in meteorology and their collective joy in family milestones. They embody the essence of a partnership that thrives on mutual support and understanding.

The Sheerr Children: A Testament to Family Values

While details about their children are private, it is evident that Eddie and Susan prioritize a loving and nurturing environment for their family. They embrace the responsibilities of parenting with the same dedication that Eddie applies to his career, highlighting the importance of family in their lives.

Community Engagement and Personal Interests

Apart from their professional and family life, the Sheerrs are also active in their community. Their engagement with local events and causes speaks volumes about their commitment to societal well-being. Furthermore, their personal interests and hobbies add another layer to their rich and fulfilling life.

Future Outlook for the Sheerr Family

Looking ahead, the future seems bright for Eddie and Susan Sheerr. With their strong foundation in love and support, they are well-equipped to face any challenges that come their way. Their story continues to inspire many, showcasing the beauty of a life well-balanced between personal achievements and family commitments.


The life of Eddie and Susan Sheerr stands as a shining example of how two people can support each other in their individual pursuits while building a strong and loving family. Their story is one of mutual respect, dedication, and love, making them a true power couple in both their professional and personal lives.

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