Who Is Shelby Smith? Tim Smith Wife Married Life And Kids

Shelby Smith stands as a pivotal figure behind Tim Smith, renowned for his role in Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners. Married since 1986, Shelby and Tim share a son, JT, who is also stepping into the moonshining world. While Tim focuses on his moonshining legacy, Shelby, a school dietitian, anchors their family with her dedication to community and family values.

Summary Table

SpouseTim Smith
Marriage Year1986
ProfessionSchool Dietitian
Community RoleActive Church Member, Youth Activities Coordinator
FamilySon JT, following in Tim’s moonshining footsteps
ContributionSupport and Strength in Family and Community

Tim Smith Wife: Who Is Shelby Smith?

Shelby Smith, a beacon of support in Tim Smith’s life, isn’t directly involved in the moonshining business. Her role as a school dietitian and active church member in Gretna speaks volumes of her dedication to nurturing and supporting her community. Her philosophy of expressing love through acts resonates deeply within their family dynamics. Shelby’s consistent support has been a cornerstone for Tim and their son JT, as they navigate the challenges and successes in the moonshining industry.

Tim Smith Married Life

Tim and Shelby Smith’s marriage is a testament to commitment and love, spanning over four decades. While Tim navigates the moonshining world, Shelby’s role in community service and as a school nutritionist provides a balance to their life. Their enduring partnership has seen the shifts from illegal to legal moonshining, showcasing a resilience and adaptability in the face of industry challenges. This section delves into the nuances of their relationship, portraying a partnership built on mutual respect and unwavering support.

Tim Smith on his Harley Davidson. (Source: Instagram)

Tim Smith Kids

JT Smith, the sole offspring of Tim and Shelby, reflects his parents’ values while forging his path. As a supporter of traditional beliefs and a volunteer fireman, JT balances modern interests with a respect for his heritage. His venture into the moonshining business with JT Rye marks a generational continuation of the family legacy. This section explores JT’s role in the family and his journey into the moonshining world, embodying the blend of tradition and innovation.

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Shelby Smith: The Heart of the Family

Shelby Smith’s role in her family transcends the usual boundaries. Her unwavering support for her husband and son in the moonshining business, coupled with her deep involvement in community and religious activities, showcases a remarkable blend of strength, dedication, and love. This section highlights Shelby’s influence in nurturing a family that respects traditions while adapting to the changing times, making her an indispensable part of the Smith family story.

Tim Smith’s show Moonshiners aired on Discovery Channel in 2011. (Source: Instagram)

Community Involvement and Personal Philosophy

Shelby Smith’s contribution to her community through her work as a school dietitian and active church member demonstrates her commitment to positive values and community spirit. Her philosophy of expressing love through actions is evident in her involvement in various youth activities. This section delves into her role in the community, highlighting how her actions complement her family’s legacy in the moonshining business.

The Smith Family’s Legacy

The Smith family, led by Tim and supported by Shelby, has created a legacy that extends beyond moonshining. Their story is a fascinating blend of tradition, entrepreneurship, and community values. This narrative explores how each family member contributes uniquely to this legacy, with Shelby’s strength and dedication being the backbone that supports their endeavors in both the moonshining industry and community service.

Challenges and Triumphs

Over the years, Shelby and Tim Smith have navigated numerous challenges, from the legality issues of moonshining to balancing family and professional life. This section details the trials and triumphs they have faced together, showcasing how their strong partnership and family values have helped them overcome obstacles and succeed in their respective fields.


Shelby Smith, the wife of Tim Smith, plays a crucial role in the moonshining legacy and in her community. Her dedication to family, community service, and her strong support for her husband and son highlight her as a significant figure in their story. This detailed account of Shelby’s life, her impact on her family, and her community work illustrates a narrative of love, commitment, and resilience.

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